Ben Nicholson

Ben Nicholson

UK-based film critic.

Editor of CineVue and penner of words on cinema for various publications including Sight & Sound, BFI, Dazed & The Skinny.

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The Skinny

Review: Steve Jobs

"A breakneck Aaron Sorkin script combined with a performance of subtlety, ease and confidence from Fassbender results in a meticulously constructed character study..."

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The Skinny

Re-Animator and From Beyond: Lovecraft on film

"...Where Lovecraft regularly reached beyond the perceived reality of his characters, so Gordon reached beyond Lovecraft’s words to create adaptations at once entirely fitting and diabolically, gleefully risqué and irreverent..."

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The Skinny

Iris: Documentarian Albert Maysles' final film

"...Perennially busy, she’s New York royalty, here presented almost as an embodiment of the city, and one it’s hard not to heart just as much."

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The Skinny

The Films of 2015 so far: Our mid-year report

We're just over halfway through 2015 and, in terms of film, it's shaping up to be a doozy. Here are the movies our film writers have loved so far. Will any of them make the long haul to our end of year list? Check back in six months...

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The Skinny

Review: new documentary The Look of Silence - The Skinny

"...Although less formally daring than its predecessor, it proves the perfect companion piece, shifting from a wide-angle lens on the 1960s Indonesian genocide, to an intimate close-up..."

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The Skinny

GFF 2015: Rosewater

"...incarceration spins the narrative on a sixpence, from a slightly messy opening which documents the electoral landscape into a two-handed chamber piece. Stewart traps the duo in tight two-shots, heightening the claustrophobia and emphasising the regime's moral redundancy in distorting visuals..."

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The Skinny

GFF 2015: Appropriate Behaviour review

"...Reductively described by some as a Lena Dunham knock-off, it is admittedly another entry into the hip New York twenty-something subgenre. It is also, however, a frank and very funny debut from an interesting new talent..."

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The Skinny

GFF 2015: Catch Me Daddy review

"Daniel and Matthew Wolfe's Catch Me Daddy opens to a creation myth recited with childlike naivety over images of a windswept, almost primeval landscape. Though its story is set very much in the present-day UK, the film evokes the past in its intoxicating atmosphere..."

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The Skinny

Kit Harington | Testament of Youth | Interview ...

Kit Harington would seem to have been catapulted to star status by his lead heartthrob role in the wildly successful Game of Thrones. It’s not been quite as meteoric as one might imagine, though, he says when we meet with him in a London hotel to discuss his latest film, Testament of Youth. “Some people think it went ‘bang’ but it wasn’t like that,” he says, dressed in familiar black and sipping an equally dark coffee. “It was little surprises along the way.” A cover for a magazine here (“that’s quite exciting”) and a red carpet there, it seems. “I try not to look at it in terms of posters and magazine covers at the moment. It was about that for a while, but that clouded why I wanted to act...”

Benmendelsohn blacksea dec 2014 page 001 article
The Skinny

Ben Mendelsohn Interview | Black Sea | Film | The Skinny

A sweetheart in real life, a psychopath on the screen, live-wire Aussie actor Ben Mendelsohn talks about how he became Hollywood's go-to nutcase and his new role in Kevin Macdonald's U-boat thriller, Black Sea...

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The Skinny

Festival Theatre - Nicolson Street, Edinburgh - The Skinny

Check out all the latest reviews & event news for Festival Theatre in Edinburgh. We at The Skinny list hundreds of venues with reviews & info - visit us now....